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    Default Need some advice on Laser Jammers

    I have a small Acura Rsx, and i want to get a Laser Jammer and Veil. With such a small car will it be sufficent with one head because the front of the car is small. Also, i don't know which jammer to get??? AL, LPP, or what i was thinking the LI. My mom is getting it for me for christmas and i need a place that i can get a jammer from thats reliable, best price, and guarented to be here for christmas. Any help would be great.
    Note if you are traveling to Florida, make sure you have a jammer, because a radar detecter is not enough!!!!

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    Personally I wouldn't mess with veil on my headlights. Instead I would buy a second head in order to ensure no PT. AL,LPP, and LI are all great jammers i went with the LI and am very happy. FYI i would stay away from old led jammers. I know that jammers are pricey and the cost of a single head looks good. But if you get one PT thats the end. The cost of the ticket and insurance premiums will easily be more than the extra head. You should read as much as you can in this forum and you will learn alot.

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    stay away from veil. get a good jammer!

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    You are on the right track. Both LI and LPP have American Based Reps.

    The LI rep is also a member of this forum who goes by the name of Elvis, if you do a search on Google for the LI website you can get his name and number. He's a good man, and I'm sure you would have smooth dealings with him. They dont accept paypal as a means of payment though and while the LI looks very promising it hasnt been thoroughly tested yet so any manufacturing issues/ weaknesses havent totally been discovered

    LPP also has a USA based dealer and has its very own support forums. If you google Laser Pro Park USA you will find the forums and links to the dealers to buy from. I have personally dealth with LPP and have found their level of service and support to be top shelf, as well as their product has been throughly tested and shown to be a very reliable performer overall. They also accept paypal as a means of paying which I liked very much.

    AL doesnt have reps is USA so you will have to order from Croatia. They are the original designers of what many clones have based their work off of. and while performance is very similar to LPP many people believe that the AL is superior because it has better software but this is debatable. Ordering from Croatia you will most likely have to pay additional fees to customs when it gets here which is why most people go for LPP vs AL. They also dont accept paypal and I believe payment has to be made by wire transfer.

    Price wise LI seems to be the best overall value as you get a dual head setup for about 650 I think. one head in the front and one in the rear would give you amazing coverage for your small vehicle.

    If budget is a concern then a single head LPP would give you great coverage from the front of you car and be over a hundred bucks cheaper.

    Stay away from veil. You dont need it when you have one of these jammers.

    Consider investing in a replica plate instead google cr8apl8 their plates are far less reflective than a government issued plate.

    Good luck I hope that helps

    Welcome to the forum, be sure to read a lot and ask questions.


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    x1million on veil.

    IMHO, it makes your headlights look like crap in addition to reducing light output. On your car(RSX), a dual head AL, LPP, LI will provide more than enough protection, without the need for veil.



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