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    Default Just Got My LPP w/ Cheetah Mounting Question

    Hey, so my LPP got here today and I was just curious for any suggestions as to how to mount my LPP in the grille of my C350. I have limited supplies as far as power tools, so I figured I would just use tape to mount it for now, but I was wondering how effective that is from anyone else's experience. Is there anyway to use the bracket without having to drill anything, but rather screw it to something?

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    Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to what to adhere the waterproof box to the inside of the hood with would be appreciated as well.

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    I had some of the same questions as you did when I was mounting mine, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to really drill holes in my bumper, so I 3M taped the bracket to my bumper with the intention of drilling permanent holes once was all said and done, although as of now I haven't drilled yet and the brackets are still holding after a few months with just the tape, it sticks pretty good if you properly clean the contacting surfaces properly.
    Some references for the tape:

    Here's my post, maybe you have the same questions as I did, if it helps:

    And lastly, here's a helpful vid made by IRCMUSA pertaining to the lpp bracket (thanks IRCMUSA!)

    Oh yeah, and as for the weatherproof box, I just stuck it between the battery and the front grill, it's pretty snug so I didn't have to tape it. I think the key is just to make sure the box or the wires are not in direct contact with anything that gets hot... which I think is kind of tricky because after I tested a few different spots, most of the areas in my hood got hot.

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    As long as you prep the surfaces properly (and abide by the proper initial curing temperature range on the back of the package), 3M's "Automotive Mo(u)lding/Trim tape is very, very strong.

    And like brother lukenosewalker also point out, paying attention to simple physics, as IRCMUSA demonstrated, will also help tremendously.

    Finally, with respect to the LPP bracket, yes, it can simply be screwed-in to your bumper skin. Neither the weight of the LPP head alone - nor that of the combined head/bracket solution - will require actual tapping of any mounting screws physically into, say, the bumper beam or other brackets/supports.

    Typically, the bumper skin will itself "grab" onto the screw's threads and make the final result vibration resistant. However, lock-washers (of any type) is cheap (just cents) insurance.

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    Thats the tape I have too, so I guess a good rubdown with some Rubbing Alc will clean everything off.

    ...Now if i could just get everything to fit inside that waterproof cheetah box.

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    I had the same issue, it seemed like that box was just too darn small to fit everything. From the advice given to me in my thread, try pulling off the rubber boot on the connector, that should allow the wire to bend to you can run it out the hole,
    (RacerX's post:
    It's tight, took me a little while, but it works...

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    yeah, here's what you do, with a pic.

    You would have the heads plugged in and on our control cable. slide the boot back. then just run the cords to the opening, and clamp it shut. leave everything else outside the box, even the power connector. it's no different than having the battery exposed under the hood. just tuck everything off to the side by the battery and thats it.



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