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    Default Laser jammers and Quebec Highway safety Code

    Like every Sunday, I got a little bored, so I decided to find out a rule in the Quebec Highway Code against laser jammers. I'm now surprised that no rules talks about laser jammers, but only radar detectors. Here's what I found:

    251. No person may instal, cause to be installed or in any way introduce a radar warning device in a road vehicle.

    252. No person may sell or lease to, or place at the disposal of any person, in exchange for consideration, or in any way offer to sell or lease to, or to place at the disposal of any person, in exchange for consideration, a radar warning device.

    253. For the purposes of sections 251 and 252, a “radar warning device” is any device or combination of devices that can be used to warn the driver of a road vehicle of the presence of radar speed measuring equipment or to interfere with the normal operation of such radar equipment.

    If I'm reading OK, can I understand that in Quebec, we can use a laser jammer, because a laser isn't a radar? The last update in our highway code has been made in 1996, and lasers were praticly inexistent at that time.......

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    I'd be surprised if there wasnt a revision for laser like in the police state of Ontario HTA

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    Here in Florida, when they say "radar" they mean radar and laser. Well at least in FS 316.1906.

    "Radar" means law enforcement speed radar, any laser-based or microwave-based speed-measurement system employed by a law enforcement agency to detect the speed of motorists.
    But it is defined within the statute, so if it's not defined, then I'm guessing it only refers to radar only?



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