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    Default My LPP Install with Pics

    I'm guessing there was too much light, but I tried taking the pics in "Night" mode to see the diode, but to no avail.... Anyway here are the pics of my install. I don't know if you can tell from the pics, but since it was such a tight fit, the heads are slightly, and I mean very slightly pointing downward. I have them in there as far as they can go. I even scraped off some of the paint on the LPP head to get it back in there so far. I tried to take a side shot to show the angle but it didnt come out so good in the dark. I'm driving from MN to Louisiana tomorrow and Ill put up some more pics of the engine bay and all the wiring too. If I need to, I can change the positioning of the heads. I was considering putting it down near the fog lights, but thats REALLY far away from the top left and right corners of my lights. If anyone has suggestions feel free.

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    great job!

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    Very nice!

    I can't help but wonder, though, exactly how much of a performance impact you'll have, with the "slightly down" presentation. That'll be very, very hard to say, without some quantitative testing, unfortunately.

    Is there any way, at all, to "shim up" the front of the head any more?

    Try the "Help!" section of your local Advanced Auto, and look for various bushings. Look for ones made of hard rubber, and use a sharp razor/craft-knife to cut to-size per your needs.

    Instead of gluing the shims to the grill surface, I'd instead glue them to the LPP's casing, so that you still have an undamaged grill.



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