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    Default Need Some Jammers

    Ok as most of you know we are doing a big test here next week, we have approched some jammer distribitors to get a jammer for testing and they dont seem to want us to test them...

    So we are looking for:

    Laser Interceptor
    Blinder (M20,25 or M40)
    Escort ZR3

    and any others u can think of.

    Thanks for any help, juat pm me if you can sure there is some jammers out there....


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    When and where is your test? Do you want the unit or us to bring our car out?

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    L@serstar .....I'd like to see how that does.

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    well I have been told a L@ser Star will be sent out, but ill believe that when i see it lol

    The tests will be held in West oz, so you can drive if you want but it may take a while, you might wanna pick up a proper front end while your here



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