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    Default Interesting experience buying AL on-line

    Well live and learn I guess. I ordered an AL kit from an on-line retailer located in Australia. Frankly I was going to run some comparisons between it and the LPP to see how they each played. Much to my surprise (since they were not represented as B stock or anything but new) the AL kit turned out to be used!!

    The battery cables from the terminal still had solder on the ends. The terminal itself was a bit dirty and nicked up. The instruction manual was filthy. I would like to blame the retailer entirely but I can't. This kit was in a factory box that was sealed and plastic wrapped with a warranty card. I suppose it is possible that the retailer re-wrapped the package but it sure looks like a factory job.

    Thankfully I can afford these sorts of mishaps. However I am just plain lucky in that regard. Yea I worked hard to get where I am but there are plenty of folks that work their tails off and still don't live as comfortably as I do. Frankly I can see how this would be a huge disappointment for some folks and a real blow. I can imagine someone saving up to get one of these. That is why I am posting this here.

    By the way as has been posted here many times, the US distributor for the LPP kits makes purchasing an entirely pleasurable experience and go out of their way to make you feel welcome and cared for as a customer. Unless the real experts here (not me by a long shot) think there is some incredible feature in the AL kits that make them irresistible I would advise caution.

    This is only my second post at this site and I am sorry it has to be this kind of a post, I enjoy several hobbies and make numerous Internet purchases. This is actually the very first time I have had a bad experience other than on ebay where one should always be a little wary anyway in my view. I will post if AL decides to do something about this. I expect nothing from the retailer as I actually did ask some questions before the purchase. Since he lied his way to this sale I don't expect him to do anything but the "duck and cover" now (boy really dated myself there didn't I).

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    I suppose that you already contacted the vendor about this.Will he exchange it for a brand new AL G8 set or do you want a refund?

    I don't think that your ALG8 came from AntiLaser in that condition.
    Even if it was wrapped in that thermic-shrink plastic,like you said,it still doesn't pruve that retailer did not mess with it.



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