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    Default What Laser Jammer would be best?

    I cant decide which jammer i want. Lidatek single transponder or Blinder m20. Since my car is a small coupe do you think Lidatek single transponder would give good protection. Im on a budget and cant afford lidatek 2 transponder unit. Im also thinking that Blinder m20 2 transievers would cover my car great.

    This is my car.

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    I say go with the Blinder M20. It is at least $50 bucks cheaper than the Lidatek unit and offers a speeding ticket guarantee, replaceable lenses, years of proven performance, jamming of all current police laser guns in the US, excellent customer service, and good user reviews. With the money you saved you can also get some Veil +/- Laser Sheild which you will need to minimize punch-through at short and very long distances because your car has got big headlights and a front license plate. If you send RadarRoy a PM, he may even give you a package deal if you buy all at once and will give you great customer service as usual. The Lidatek system would not be a bad choice either in the end I do not think you will go wrong with either choice though.

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    I also have a Saturn SC coupe. I just bought the Blinder M-20. The amount of reflective area on the front of our cars is too great for just a single transponder. We are at a disadvantage with such a large target area on our cars. This made the Blinder M-20 the logical choice for me at this point as it is the bang for the buck leader in this area. Also if you need to you can add up to 2 more transponders to the Blinder M-20 for even more coverage when your budget will allow. Until the Lidatek and others sort out stealth mode, and the other technical issues the Blinder just made more sense to me at this point in time.

    As others have said get a can of Veil fast, as you will need it for distances over 1000+' with Blinder. A bra and laser shield are also recommended. I also have foglamps that make the job even harder. I just bought the car so I will get some pics of it once I get back from vacation next weekend. I still have to figure out the electrical connections for installing the Blinder.

    Drive safe, have fun,



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