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Thread: manuals anyone?

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    Default manuals anyone?

    I've got some video testing of my LI setup and a mate's LPP setup planned in a couple of weeks.

    We've managed to secure the use of the following guns for testing..

    UL LR100 100 pps

    Kustom PLII

    Atlanta Speedlaser

    Stalker LZ1

    Kustom Pro Lite

    I have manuals for the first 2 but would be grateful if anyone can help out with the other 3.

    Thanks folks

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    Suf Daddy


    Pro Lite didn't come with one?

    Take detailed pictures of their displays and functions.

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    Thanks for the reply Suf.

    I havent seen the units yet (other than the UL and the PLII which I have already) as they are being scrounged for a date in about 4-6 weeks time.
    I have asked the sources of these items whether manuals will be provided as I dont want to waste the limited time I will have with the equipment so was hoping to be fully "genned up" prior to their arrival. The suppliers of these items are unwilling/incapable of providing them, hence therequest.

    I'm in the UK so by the time the units arrive, photo any screens, post, then await replies, it'll be time to send them back! Couple that with the lack of usable daylight in the UK this time of year (light enough to film at around 9, then dark around 4.15pm, doesnt give me much time!) then obviously I was hoping to read up prior to their arrival.

    I assume from your post that the Pro lite is rather straight forward and if so a manual wont be necessary. I may even cancel my hire of the Prolite since it seems a little easy to jam compared to the others. I will only have one weekend to have a play so I may have to rethink my testing timetable and if time is short, the weakest gun will have to be dropped.

    Thanks to all who have PM'd me with help, it is very much appreciated.




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