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    Default The old Lidatek LE30: Can it be repaired?

    Hello, all-

    So, I have 2 cars, each with a dual LE30 setup. So far so good. Until tonight, when I noticed that my car's system wasn't working.

    Long story short: I discover that one of the 2 heads is screwy. The unit will work with the "good" one plugged in, but not with the "bad" one installed. The wiring is good, as I switched good and bad and narrowed it down to the head.

    I understand that Lidatek is gone, but has "sorta-kinda" been taken over by Intrax, or something like that. I called them and, while they have no parts, stated that water can often get in and cause issues. Told me that the lens can be removed with a razor to slice through the silicone caulk. I got the heads off and blew out the first head. That's how it started to work. The 2nd is still dead.

    I'll give it an overnight to see it things dry, but is it's still dead does anyone know any place to have it repaired?

    I'd like a new unit, but it seems like the LI is just too new and uncertain. The LPP looks decent, but has it's share of issues as well.

    So, what does the collective wisdom of the board advise? Thanks in advance.

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    Thought I'd let people know, but a limited repair is possible. If the unit lets a little water in the lens one can CAREFULLY take a new razor and slice along the perimeter of the lens where it meets the body and then gently pry out the lens. Blow out the interior with a hair dryer and allow to stand overnight. Remove the old sealer from the lens (paint thinner helped and did not damage the lens) and body. Tke your time and remove all traces of it for a better seal.

    Make sure there are no smears on the lens and check it with a camcorder that has night vision. Get some clear rtv automotive silicone and VERY carefully duplicate the original pattern on the lens. I also put a tiny bit on the leading edge of the perimeter of the body and CAREFULLY push it in all the way. Mine held without tape or clamps, etc.

    Test the unit and, before it dries, use the same camcorder to verify that no silicone has gotten in the way of the lens (ask me how I know this.......).

    I hope to get a little more time until I order a new unit. I am leaning towards the LPP, mostly due to its length of time in service, UK origin (hopefully more stable), more established company and more established North American presence (It's appears to not be grey market as LI is).

    Any other thoughts or comments?

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    Soo.... How did you find out? You get pulled over?

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    something was wrong. I'd get the initial "chirp", but not the subsequent two (one for each head installed). Testing with Roy's tester confirmed my suspicions.

    I hooked up all last night and so far so good. The definitive test, of course, will be if it leaks. The silicone requires a full 24 hours to cure (more when cold as it is here), meaning I'll have to wait and see another day or so.

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    I think I know where you can get a replacement head for your LE30.
    PM me and I'll give you the info.
    Last time I was there he had an LE30 in stock as well as an additional head.



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