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    Default LPP/ AL head question

    In some other threads, I recall that some users were having an issue with condensation and/or water entering the LPP/AL heads and causing some issues (or potential issues) I may not be 100% accurate in my description but those who are more familiar might chime in. I also recall someone mentioning they recieved a "new aluminum head". My question is, were the heads changed/redesigned recently? If so, what was the reason for this?


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    This is a concern/problem among EVERY jammer head from AL, LI, LPP, blinder and escort.

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    The older AL heads were encased in steel and the new ones are aluminum. I've had my AL dual for about a year and a half, had to send the system back b/c one of the heads was faulty. They replaced the heads and updated my firmware, and its been working fine so far. No water problems so far



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