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    Default Question - Rear Jammer mounting - LaserPro 905

    I've had the Bel RX65 Pro RD and also their Laser Pro 905 for over a year and never mounted the LP 905. It has the three units, 2 front and 1 back. I have now mounted the two front jammer units and was going to put the one on the back pretty soon.

    I try to read Radar Roy information and here on this formum also plus some tests. I have found some posts here that say puting the unit on the back of my car is worthless or close to it. I would be putting the rear jammer on the top of my license plate.
    I'm not up on radar guns in WA, ID, MT, OR, NV where i might venture occasionally. I have seen Laser SP on overpasses, next to overpass on ramps (shooting from the rear i would expect), and in FW dividers.

    My question is: Is there any testing that shows the rear LP 905 unit won't work on rear end laser shots or one unit works very poorly. Does anyone here have good/bad experience with one rear mount laser jammer. And also, will i get any better front protection puting it on my front license between the front two already there.
    Almost seems like overkill to put 3 in front and have no rear protection, especially since the two in front are only about 14" from either the running lights or the front licence plate.

    TIA....If Roy sees this....what's your opinion. Going to be taking a trip to Vegas, Laughlin, Grand Canyon, Page, etc the end of April. Want to get my laser protection up and running before then.

    Below is a pic of my car, it's Dark Green Metallic, no headlights in daytime, and the two units i have on are equal spaced in the dark spot between the outside running lights and the license plate.

    Here's the front of my car.

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    Check your pm

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    Get that rear head up front, since tou are running a front plate.

    I'd even go so far as to recommend that you undertake passive measures up-front - either using a replica, non-metallic front plate or (even and) "dressing" it with LaserShield, VEIL, or 3M Clear Duct Tape.

    Consider some kind of dressing for your residual forward lighting elements, too.

    For rear protection, currently, the only way to go would be, IMveryHO, with dual-heads of the top-flight laser-diode based jammers: LI, LPP, or AL.



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