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    Default The cheap mans stealth!

    After extensive reviews, reading, researching and watching the drama of who vs who on this very forum I have come to the conclusion that Jammers are just not at a mature state like radar detectors, police scanners or CB's are at. I even find that GPS is further ahead. Mind you there is a bigger market for GPS.

    So I've been wondering of going the "cheap mans" route and wonder if it would work. I already have a Bell STi which I love, a police scanner and laser shield on both my plates. I was wondering if I add a bug deflector or a black car bra and maybe covered my front and tail lights, that it would give me "Jamming" performance to my car. Or at least let my STi pick up the laser enough for me to slow down and avoid a ticket?

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    Since headlights seem to be a target for lasers, I wonder how cars with retractable headlights fare against it?

    Were there a way to completely cover your headlights that didn't look kinda strange.... you might do better during the daylight, at least.

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    You will better your odds, but there's never any guarantee.

    VEIL, 3M Clear Duct Tape, LaserShield, using a non-metallic replica plate (or pulling the front plate, outright) a dark-colored and non-reflective front-end bra, "near opaque" headlight and auxiliary light covers, de-badging/de-chroming (including items such as your rearview mirrors) - it'll all help.

    Look at RacerX's Toyota Tundra. That's a large truck, yet with just its battery of comprehensive passive protection, PTs occur on the order of the 350-ft. range. :shock: And look at alpinestars's Cavalier, too.

    Yes, you can stack the odds in your favor, but without a good jammer, there's just no guaranty.



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