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    Default Laser Atlanta Requested my LAB and LAS Serial Numbers

    I recently purchased a case for my LA"R" from Laser Atlanta's On-Line Store. After placing the order, they emailed me confirming the purchase and that it would be shipped out as ASAP etc, etc. I then received another email from an employee requesting the serial number of my unit that they may make sure they send me the proper foam insert. The thing that is very strange is that I called before I placed the order and the same guy who I spoke to who then emailed me, told me, in response to my asking if the one available on line would fit my LA"R", that "all their LAs, LA"R", LA"B" and LA"S" would fit in the case as they only made one foam insert for all their units". As I have noticed that in some of the You-Tube Videos from other LA drivers, that some of them have deliberately hidden their serial numbers with a piece of tape or whatever, then, my question is, am I being paranoid or is LA in the business of tracking serial numbers of these units for nefarious reasons?

    Cliff - C55

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    I suggest you get in contact with Jimbz......

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    I'll wait for his reply.


    Cliff - C55

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    Just curious but what difference would it make?

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    I got an email from LA indicating the case was shipped without any further inquiries or fanfare.

    Cliff - C55



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