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    Default Blinder and LPP Advice

    what i've got:
    clk - V1 hardwired & Blinder M40 all heads on front and uniden bcd 396t scanner

    have had the blinder for over 2 years and it goes off randomly sometimes, i know that i should replace heads, i'm not sure how to tell which ones i need to replace.

    this morning i switched off my blinder because of the faulting, on my way home tonight i forgot to switch it back on, low and behold my V1 starts screaming at me, i look down i'm doing 85 in a 55, slow down to 60 move to the right lane, see the statey on the side, speeds up and tailgates me, i attempt to pull over to right lane, he cuts me off and then pulls behind another speeder that was pulled over, i got really lucky. and i totally forgot to turn my blinder back on!

    i want to wait for the GOL 2008 jammer tests, however i'm banking on getting the dual headed LPP and mounting them both in front coinciding with the Blinder M40. Will these interfere with each other in the jamming capacity or will I be all set?

    Thanks in advanced!

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    Default Shouldn't bother it

    As far as the blinders are concerned, as long as the other heads your putting on are not too close to the blinder heads, then it should not set the blinders off at all. If I was you I would put two LPP's in the front along with only two Blinder heads also. Keep them spread apart. If you have a bad head or two, then just leave them off completely. Unhook the two bad heads and just leave the LPP heads and the two Blinder heads that work all in the front. You can get replacement M-40 heads from Blinder. I'll PM you on that.


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    Unfortunately, I'm going to have to say no, don't do the Blinder/LPP combo.

    Apparently, the Blinder seems to cross-talk more than the other LED-based jammer units, and so far, no one really knows why. It could be that the Blinders put out more IR light, or, alternatively, that its "half IR transparent" head casing design is causing more "spillage" than otherwise typical of other LED-based jammers.

    For whatever reason, we just don't know why the Blinders seem to run afoul of this more than, say, the ZR3 (which will also show cross-talk, but only if the jammer's output is captured at close-range, with a reflective surface; in the case of the ZR3, however, no-one has yet been able to document exactly what the outcome of a potential real-world crosstalk situation may present), but I would not suggest combining.

    There have been various documentation of this issue via "benchtop" testing (i.e. RacerX), as well as reports of real-world concerns ( presented his findings - that there would be both JTG as well as very radom, and totally unpredictable instances of extremely early PTs). Search for the keywords "crosstalk" or "cross-talk," and you'll find the threads you need.

    In your case, I'd almost be willing to put the M40 totally at the back of the vehicle. Even though you may get PT's from farther away, the ability of the number of heads to physically cover your rear "real-estate" and maximize the potential of capturing the incoming beam may allow you to get at least some shorter-distance saves. Furthermore, this will also allow you to run the LPPs towards the front aspect, where you're likely to receive the most threats, without worry of cross-talk issues.

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    I agree with TSi. Save the LPPs for the front where they will perform over the M40s. Put the M40s on the rear.

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    thank you so much for the replies! irks me to remove all 4 heads in the front, cost me a bunch of $$$ to have them mounted and wired in the front, there really isn't any place on the back either. i will probably just leave them turned off and install the LPPs. . . again thanks for your advice!

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    If I was you id ditch the crappy blinder and go just LPP, it will jam the way you need it to...I dont see any point in using diodes and LED,s at the same time...especially on CLK



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