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    Default Feasibility of rear laser

    I just read in another thread that Michigan has begun rear laser clocking. Although rear laser sounds especially threatening considering how easy it is to get a lock on the rear of a vehicle, is this really feasible in terms of speed trap discreetness on the part of the LEOs?

    The problem with rear laser from an officer's perspective is that you obviously have to pass him before he can clock you. By then you've hopefully spotted him or noticed other drivers braking up ahead and have slowed down. I just don't see how effective rear laser will really be for law enforcement.

    (BTW, it's all about being alert, I only got into this stuff recenlty and got an RD a few months ago and yet at 32 I've never had any tickets simply because of always being VERY alert ... I'm hoping the same level of alertness will save me from rear laser attacks.)

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    Officer hides with a tripod on the rear side of an overpass. But a chase car has to be somewhere...

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    Trust me rear laser works, and it is incredibly effective and deadly. I got my only ticket in my life when a smart officer hid very well and got me from behind with lidar while I was looking for cops. To make matters worse laser is harder to jam from behind. At night with reduced visibility and better laser gun performance, it would be easier to nail speeders. And let us not forget about motorcycle cops, unmarked cars, and cops on foot who can hide in plain sight especially if in disguise.

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    Donīt forget the automatic lidar speed traps. A tripod hidden on the side of the road, usually covered with bushes. Good luck spotting that.

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    In my experience the rear of your car is easier to protect than the front. A single LE30 transponder will do perfectly. BUT: YOU HAVE TO DISABLE THE RETRO-REFLECTIVE AREA'S ON THE REAR OF YOUR CAR!!!! Or you will need 3 transponders

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    targeting the rear of the car is 100 times easier than targetting the front?

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