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    Default New to forum, Looking for LE-30 parts (or rec. alternatives)

    Been happy with the LE-30 but transponder dismounted and got dragged on the road.

    Anyone know where I can source a new or compatible one?

    Or what is general consensus for an alternative brand if I have to buy new one. I have an audi a3 but i'm not sure i want to go the LI route like the other forum member with the a3, especially since i'm not keen on having to cut my grill.

    I live in a state where they use LTI guns.

    By the way, have spent a lot of time browsing this forum and am impressed by the general level of intelligence and maturity.

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    Seen a few come and go over the last few months.

    check out item # 260221272193

    The seller may ship to the US



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