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Thread: LPP or G8?

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    Default LPP or G8?

    I realize that there is no clear cut answer to the question that I am about to ask. However there are a number of folks here that watch developments in this market very carefully so even opinion here is of value to me.

    I have an LPP and a G8 that I bought a few months ago. I had not gotten around to installing either one but one will go in one of my cars tomorrow for sure. It is my understanding that the G8 software is likely to have been tweaked and that as such it might be a wee bit more capable than the current LPP. Mine is firmware 17.40 although they had to have been shipping 17.46 at the time I got mine. Mine has the aluminum housing heads. My LPP has the steel housing heads.

    With nothing more to go on than that, any idea which I should install on the car that will likely be most inclined to an issue (meaning it is one of the sportier cars in the household)? I live in NH where some of the state troopers have Laser. Most of the towns still have radar. Massachusetts is a mixed bag.
    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Why not both? One for the front one for the rear?

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    If you only have 1 heads of each, (since their heads are supposedly compatible) you can use one control box with both heads to have a dual head system




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