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    Default Programingwith either the LPP or the Antilaser wire harness

    Other than one having a "mute" button which functions as a programing button and the other having just a programing button does anybody know if the LPP and the Antilaser wire harnesses can be used for programing purposes?

    One of the geniuses at the installation shop cut my harness. I am using the Cheetah wireless kit so the regular harness fell victim somehow. I just need it to do programing and I have one of the other harnesses. Does anybody know if the harnesses themselves are similar enough to be used for programing purposes?

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    yes they are. If it's a newer LPP and an AL G8, you can switch harnesses to do any programing.

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    Thanks. I really appreciate the help. Thought I was gonna' be up the creek without a paddle,



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