I posted earlier asking about using either the LPP or the AL G8 harness for programing regardless of which system is installed.

While one of the installed did cut my harness ( I have no idea why he did that) I have to admit that we got what I think is a very difficult job done and everything is working. The difficulty is in integrating the V1 with the Cheetah mirror with the jammer all wirelessly.

It was very difficult to understand what components to use or not use and routing for power and for alerts was not easy to figure out either.

We did make one blunder (besides the cut harness). We installed the Wireless Fitting Kit Audio Node in the car even though we have the Cheetah Mirror. On the one hand this was a complexity by itself and there is no clear instruction relative to the Audio Node when you are installing and integrating all of these other components as well. Since the Audio Node does include visual prompts as well it is hard to even recognize it. While I am not sure if I have caused myself some problems in mounting the Audio Node what I do like is that regardless of whether I am looking out the window in front or using the rear view mirror for its intended purpose, I can see what is going on with the system. The Audio Node is mounted in my instrument cluster so I can see it without really losing view of the road ahead. At the same time the mirror has voice alerts as well as audio alerts and I find that very helpful as well.

At the end of the day I am impressed with the way that everything works. Like many others I am worried that the sensors are so out there in the open and vulnerable to so much that can be thrown up at the car. I got a three sensor kit so I am left with a spare just in case one does go bad that is where I can see myself buying additional stuff in the form of replacement sensors if I lose more than one over the course of time.