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    Default Rookie Im sure but was curious...

    A lot of guys at my car forum talk about laser jammers and getting them and I have seen them in use on-line but wondered why people with them dont get in trouble? Wouldnt the officer know something was up when he hits your car and it reads 0000?

    I know one of my buddies in CA got a speeding ticket and wants a V1 and a jammer but from the site I've seen they are illegal there. Here in my state they arent but was curious about them.


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    Welcome the the board. That's why is they are illegal where you own one you adjust your speed and shut it off. Speeding is illegal too.... :roll:

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    They don't get "0000", they get no reading at all, and maybe an error code depending on the gun used. But they're used to it, since they get error codes and slow/no readings on some cars that have NO jammer as well, depending on how reflective the car they're targeting is, how steady their aim is, lighting conditions, etc.

    As long as you kill the jammer once you reach a legal speed they won't suspect anything. They'll just chalk it up to having trouble getting a lock, which is a common occurrence.

    That brings up an interesting point though... what happens when you target an Infiniti with laser cruise control with a gun that has jam codes? Does the cruise control cause a jam code?
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