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    Default best jammer for florida...

    I'm new to the whole radar thing. I just got a new radar a few weeks ago,,, come to find out it is pretty much useless here in Florida. They are all using laser it seems. I took a long trip to south fla and passed 3 different speed traps, my detector never made a sound. I noticed they were all pointing and shooting laser.

    Anyways, it seems I need a laser jammer...

    Question, what is the best one/ value out there?

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    Where in Florida? Just wondering.

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    i've been wanting to get a zr4, but i don't got the money, anyways be sure to check here

    if you drive in any of the red states gotta be carefull, like if you drive to south carolina, might want to be carefull, laser jammers far more illegal than radar detectors

    anyways you may consider waiting a bit and seeing how the zr4 performs in testing/reviews

    especially from your post in the whistler forum, if you plan on getting a 9500i, it will all plug together and work in unisin

    also the zr4 i believe is slatted to run at like 400 for 2 front heads and 1 rear head, not a bad price i don't think , i could be wrong but pretty sure i heard 400-500, prob won't be over 500



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