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    Default California Jammer Legalities

    hey im from southern cali more specific san diego. i was thinking of getting a laser jammer but its illegal right? is it worth getting busted with it. what are the penalties for having one i need ur guys opinions

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    it is a fix it ticket if caught. i don't think anyone has been officially caught yet either.

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    oh thats good to know. but how do u guys use the laser jammer like have it on all the time and when u know that they aimed and u slow down do u guys like turn it off so they can get a speed but after u slow down u know to not make it obvious u have one and then turn it back on. or do u still keep it on

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    I am near San Diego and I can say that KA is your biggest threat right now. Some CHP are known to use laser but not as much as KA. I saw one CHP using a LTI Ultalyte I believe that is the gun he was using.

    To answer your question if you get a jammer you can keep it running until it goes off then slow down and then turn it off to let the CHP get your speed at the PSL (Posted Speed Limit).

    I have a V1 mounted high and just to the left of my RVM (Rear View Mirror) and laser of the 1 time I experienced it worked great.

    PM me if you have any further questions.

    Thanks and hope this helps a little.


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    Get a Parking Ad instead :wink:



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