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    Default road debri jammer head encounter?

    I was cruising along at about 80 mph last night when suddenly the pick-up in front of me made a feeble attempt to miss something - he didnt. He, having more ground clearance than me in my car, rolled over it. "It" was a four foot long piece of retread. His rear tires sent it airborne

    It hit my car broadside at grill level. It cracked both head lights, hit my grill hard enough that it cracked the upper plate under the hood (between my grill and radiator) into pieces. It then went under the car taking down a lower piece of bumber trim. I will need about $1000 dollars in parts

    QUESTION.... would this knock out the heads just from the impact, even if there was no physical damage? would the warranty repair/replace them?

    As a buyer awaiting review results, this has me wondering......

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    I bet the best you could do in this case is carry extra comprehensive insurance for your "parking sensors." Save your receipts and if you have to make a claim, hopefully your insurance company doesn't dig too deep.

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    Unknown ->

    What kind of heads? Blinder? ZR3? LidateK? LPP/AL/LaserStar/PASS? LI?

    Some of these heads are *tremendously* armored, but still, yes, something could be awry, internally, that you wouldn't know about until you've done some actual quantitative testing.

    If it is of the "parking sensor enabled" diode-based variety, is the parking function still working?

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    Man that sucks!



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