View Poll Results: Which Product has the fewest quality issues

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  • Blinder

    3 8.11%
  • Laser Interceptor (LI)

    9 24.32%
  • Laser Park Pro (LPP)

    11 29.73%
  • AntiLaser

    0 0%
  • Escort Shifter

    14 37.84%
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    Default Poll: Which company makes the highest quality units ?

    This poll is an attempt to understand which product has the fewest issues
    with quality. If you've received a unit that was DOA or that had a head
    or control box die after a few weeks or months of normal use, that would be
    good to know.

    For the price these units sell for, the quality and service should be quite high.

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    My ZR3s have had zero problems. I haven't seen anyone on here complaining about any problems with them. Quality wise thay have to be the best. Performance wise, um, not so much.

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    from what i have seen on the forum i would say escort..i havent seen many reliability issues with the zr3's

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    Default Re: Poll: Which company makes the highest quality units ?

    Quote Originally Posted by ithacam5
    For the price these units sell for, the quality and service should be quite high.
    You want price and quality go with a PASS system....

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    Voted for the Zr3. I, too, haven't heard of anyone complaining about any issues. The only possible issue I've heard was from TSI, something to do with a head, but the unit was, if I remember correctly, 5 years old, but I think he go the issue resolved. I'm sure TSI will come here an correct me

    Blinder probably comes in second. Any issues I've heard got fixed pretty quick.

    LPP and AL both have had problems in the past, something that was dubbed the 6 month time bomb (I think that's the name.) Build quality seems to have improved, and CS is said to be great. It is probably still recommended to put a bead of silicone around the lens and rear where the wire exits, to prevent any possible water intrusion.

    As for the the LI, there have been recent problems (going down a few threads will give a clue), though it seems they have gotten their act together. Let's hope they keep improving both the quality and CS as even now, CS seems a little shaky.

    This is all just talking about CS and build quality only, not about jamming ability. Granted, you could have the best performing jammer, but if it's falling apart on you, it's useless, just the same as having a poor performing, great quality jammer. Let's hope that with time, jammers can get their act together, and have the best of both worlds.

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    My zr3 is 4 years old and still working perfect.

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    I can not believe no one mentioned Blinder. I have had SOLID experiences with Blinder's quality. Even though their performance is descent with Veil they sure have their QC in order
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    Blinder and Escort.

    No, the Escort was not without durability/reliability (weatherseal) faults, but it was properly addressed, and since then, this has not *typically* been an issue, so I'll put the Escort right up there as a tie.

    As for the current-generation LI, after the initial-US-batch issues were corrected, it seems that all's well - but I just don't think that there's been sufficient time-on-road/miles-on-road to make the proper assessment, yet.

    The latest iteration of the LPPs have proven durable weatherseal for going on nearly a year and a half. Sadly, the latest AL has not been nearly as reliable in this measure - at least not by reports in this community.

    No-data on the PASS, LaserStar, etc. Too early to tell.

    The Lidatek LE-30s weren't all that bad either.



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