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    Default Question about Laser Jammers and Parking

    I have a Blinder M25 X-Treme coming in the mail. Can this be used as a parking sensor just in case you're stopped and asked about it by a cop?

    If not, I'm thinking I might install a REAL parking sensor in the grill along side the M25. This way if you're stopped by an officer, you can actually demo it and it will work, and he would think that the jamming heads are part of the whole parking sensor setup.

    Does anyone know if this might affect M25 performance?

    Thanks for any input.

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    ^ Negative. The Blinder is not set up as a parking-assist device. No such functions whatsoever.

    And I honestly do not know about whether or not your aftermarket/OEM parking-sensor (if laser-based, as I would imagine that you'll want it to be, to claim legal cover for the jammer) will trip the Blinder to cross-talk. This is unfortunately a distinct possibility, however, one we will not know the compatibility (or lack thereof) of, until the systems are installed.

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    Just drop to the PSL and shut if off you will be fine.....UNLESS they do road side checks.....



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