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    Default Ever got an advanced warning from your jammer?

    Have any of you with any jammer gotten an advanced warning while not being targeted?

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    Yeah, when I didn't have any jammer. I was driving in the middle lane right on the blind spot of a car going on the left lane, I got some scatter...

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    My LI and ZR3 combo have picked up scatter that was quite far away....

    I was in the middle lane of the "Local" lanes of a 3-lane (each direction) highway, the enforcer was sitting in the median, shooting into the adjacent "Express" lanes (same direction-of-travel, two lanes [each direction]).

    The LI and ZR3 alerted nearly simultaneously, my LPP never went off.

    I am pretty certain this particular alert was due to scatter, due to the physical positioining of the enforcer, which I was able to witness upon closure - and furthermore, the physical positioning of my ZR3 and LI heads (the former specifically positioned to optimize off-axis/scatter detection), versus the "buried" nature of my LPP heads.

    I've also gotten advance warning from my high-mounted 9500i, too. This was in an "over-the-crest" situation, and as my vehicle came within full sight of the enforcer, all three of my jammer systems went active.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ovencleaner View Post
    Have any of you with any jammer gotten an advanced warning while not being targeted?
    Many, many times!

    Cliff - C55

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    Quote Originally Posted by C55 View Post
    Many, many times!

    Cliff - C55
    Those Fast AMG's are always being targeted.



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