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    Default True retail units versus juiced ones

    This new thread is a continuation of post crappings within this thread on the CFL folks just trying to arrange their meet #4:

    In that thread (and elsewhere) a lot of concerns have been expressed about juiced units or manufacturer reps trying to throw the results of user tests . The manufacturer rep concern seems to have been put to bed (thank g*d.) But juicing remains and if you are concerned, then this thread's for you!

    I personally have no problem with prototypes as long as they are disclosed such as was done by the L.I. and GOL for last years tests. After all, the good results from that GOL testing led to a modified version becoming available here. Without those tests, L.I. may not have entered the US market (to our loss.) The modified (retail) version seems to test well in unofficial tests, and soon GOL will test the retail version and everyone can compare whether there is any significant difference between the prototype and the retail.

    What I do have a problem with is sneaky stuff like the infamous case of Fuzzbuster replacing their innards with Escort's for a magazine review. But that was pre-Internet and the review was published in a mag and the truth probably never reached a lot of initial readers or potential buyers. I doubt a manufacturer could get away with something like that here as people here are much sharper that magazine writers.

    Anyway, with the internet, things are much different. If a manufacturer tried that today, it would be a public relations nightmare. The knowledge of the attempt to scam might easily overtake and surpass the fake test results.

    My question is, disregarding the downside to trying to scam us, how easy would it be for a manufacturer to juice their unit anyway? And if it can be easily juiced, why not just sell the juiced unit? In the CFL #4 thread I pointed out one possible reason - that is a more powerful jamming diode might not be legal. C55 pointed another reason why not - that is, if the power is turned up, the unit may not last as long.

    But I just don't know how easily or quickly an manufacturer can juice their unit. With all the concerns about some users just getting together to test their installations, I can just imagine what's gonna be the speculation about the upcoming GOL tests.

    Let the games begin (continue).

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    Normal vs. juiced units

    Simply get the units to be tested in a manner that doesn't allow the maker, dealer, or distributer to know that a specific unit is going to be tested and have the results published. This also would prohibit the same folks from furnishing a unit for a test. This doesn't mean that they would send a juiced unit, it simply says for better results, use a unit that was bought in the "blind".

    True retail vs. prototype or pre-release

    Who's going to have access to something other than a true retail unit? Probably only the group of folks mentioned above, and for those reasons and for clarity's sake, I don't think the results from such a test should even be mentioned or spoken about within the same framework, test session report, web page, or what ever, as the retail results.

    To use the last GOL test as an example, no reason to not test prototype or non-retail units if time allows. When it comes time to report, I'd have reported the "systems you can buy now" results, and then perhaps wait a week and then have a new report on the "systems you can't buy now, and may not ever see in this form" released.

    I'd also ask forum posters to consistently refer to the "prototype JimBones Professor 3k Laser Tiara" as JBP3kLT proto or NFS(not for sale) or something so that newbies won't be confused, wondering where to buy it, or should they wait for it.

    My money is on the HALITOSIS* which is expected in 2033, and will be illegal to own, or use in the 60 states.

    *Happy Ass Laser Intercept Targeting Officer Sedan Ignition Sytem

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    The only real way to know is to buy a retail unit without the manufacture knowing and then test it. Like the GOL tested many different versions of the Bel Vectors series.

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    Other than units that members have already, I believe that is what
    GOL intends to do - that is use blind buyers to get units that they cannot just randomly grab off Roy's shelves, or now I believe has also offered to provide units for testing I don't know how that is going to work as they are located in NC.

    However, I still don't think a manufacturer can so easily juice their product, unless they already have a new design well under way such that they have a prototype. I just don't think it is that easy.

    I think tests of prototypes should be reported, but clearly identified as such. If they were not than we wouldn't know about the L.I.

    If possible it would be good if a manufacturer would not equate a tested prototype to an untested retail unit if it is materially different or at a minimum they should indicate how it differs.



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