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    Talking Front Plate or No?

    I recently purchased an 2008 Mits Outlanderand have a 4 head jammer system on order. The Outlander does not currently have a front plate on it and I was wondering if I would be better off to install one so I could use Veil, etc (give them a target that I can protect) or not to have a front plate. Since Georgia does not require a front plate, I am unsure what is best. Thanks for any advice...

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    I would leave the plate off........

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    With no plate, their probably now looking at headlights. If your jammer works well at the headlight area, I wouldn't bother putting it on.

    But if you get some PT's, and your heads are closer to the plate area, I would put it on. That way, you attract attention to the plate, which has heads and Veil covering it...JTG. If he goes for the headlights, well you are already having PT's at the headlights, no loss, plate w/Veil isn't going to help you.

    So really, only if you can guarantee no PT's at the plate, would I put it on.

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    Leave the plate off period

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    Smile Thanks..

    Thanks for the opinion on the front plate. With 4 heads I can get the headlights well covered (they are pretty slanted anyway and I will use Veil). thanks for the help and all the great info on the site.

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    Definitely No Plate.

    FYI: There is a Georgia State Trooper that I used to converse with on my YouTube site that owns a blinder and lpp system. He tests his own lidar guns which include a Laser Atlanta. He claimed he could get good Punch Thrus by shooting close and at the headlights. He seemed very knowledgeable and I invited him to the forum but after a while he cancelled his subscription so I lost contact with him. Never found out what part of the state he operates but he posted a couple of vids of him shooting that were cool before he cancelled.
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    I think another factor could be if you travel a lot to states that require them. In states that don't require them I doubt that Leo's target the plate area as the only reason to target that area is that the plates have special reflective paint. since most (all) won't have reflective plate, they won't target there so it won't make a difference. In states that require them Leo's may be trained to target there first. If you decide to get a (non-reflective) plate I would not only veil it, but also use a laser shield



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