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    Default Debating Laser Jammer (Shifter rather!)

    Well, I live in the great state of NC (sarcasm alert), and while it is indeed legal here, I do worry that might change in the near future. As you can see from the map: USA Laser Jammer Laws - Guys of LIDAR All the adjacent states are illegal, which is slightly annoying although I rarely go out of state.

    Fortunately, laser jammers are pretty stealthy (given the proper installation), so I think it would be rather rare for me to get pulled if it was only on passive alert mode and not shifting mode, but I worry nonetheless.

    I have been considering the LPP and some others for quite some time, but the new ZR4 really has caught my eye. I am waiting a little more review and research time before I consider purchasing the ZR4, so I have come to ask the forum for some advice.

    First of all, as you may notice from my signature, I drive a '08 Civic Si. It is 'nighthawk black' and I do not have the fog lights installed yet. I was considering them for the front 2 receivers.

    Now, if I were to get the SHIFTER, I was thinking where to put the control panel for it. I already am trying to consider the 9500ci if the 9500ix goes well, so I am thinking the shifter might be the ZR4 for interoperability as well as good performance.

    Also, where to put the receivers, so I figured I'd post a few pics (not of my car, but the same car) for suggestions on optimal placement:

    And for the control panel (think ZR4):

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Says they use stalker in NC, so I wouldn't take the chance of using a ZR4 if I was you.

    Watch this video it shows the ZR4 will protect you but only if the stalker is aimed right at the sensors.

    ZR4 COM Shots

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    A couple of things, you can put the control panel in the opening next to the power port (cigarette lighter). That control panel does not have to be your line of site, also you can link it to your 9500.

    As for the heads the fog light spots seem a little low and too spread out. I have seen other put in the grill.

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    Like ActiveKA said, I would not risk the ZR4, unless further testing results by the GOL and other hobbyist groups see a resolution/improvement to the Stalker issue, and/or you are willing to use VEIL on the lighting elements.


    With the front, I'd be tempted to do either the upper grill (remove/relocate the Si emblem to allow for furthest outboard displacement of the jammer heads) or the lower grill (again, displace them as far outboard as possible, but before this area's bumper skin starts to take its downward turn, to insure that the heads stay level). I agree, also, with focal, that the fog-lamp spots are both too spread-out and also too low.

    With the rear, it's easy - there's only one place to put the head, and that's right above the plate. I will caution you to note that, based on current data, the only way you'll get any rear protection at all is if the incoming LIDAR is targeted specifically at the plate...any intentional or accidental inclusion of the tail-light units or other body/greenhouse panels will more than likely cause PTs.



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