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    Default Lasar jammer on a budget that works?

    Ok, laser seems to be getting more and more serious. I'm gonna get nabbed one of these days (no speeding ticket in 20 years since I bought my first escort).

    I have an ix on the way.

    What is a cost effective laser jamming system? It does not have to be the best but don't want waste money on junk.

    How legal is it? is it legal in MA, CT, NH, RI?

    Links to FAQs welcome

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    "Cost-effective" can mean various things....

    Look at the debate that raged here:

    Between pages 4 and 8.

    What's "cost effective?"

    Don't look at the question that way - instead, look at your local (and most often traveled) area's enforcement hardware and practices.

    Find a jammer that's capable of defeating such - and let that be the basis for your "minimum investment" qualifications.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stealth Stalker View Post
    Remember, not everyone who wants to hedge their bets here lives in fifth gear.
    Fifth in my poor Honda has no acceleration! Gotta keep it in 3rd/4th and supplement it with i-VTEC! That actually sounds so rice now that I think about it...

    As many have said here, do a quick risk, cost, prevention comparison. Find out what guns are used in your area: (thanks to TSi+WRX for pointing this post out to me). Then find out what jammers are the top 3 against those. Then do some costs (and other external factors like your car and installation) comparison and make a choice.

    I'm going with the ZR4's next week along with Veil and Laser Shields for the Stalker. It ought to be fun.

    I think I'm in a similar boat as you, where I am not in a dire need for active laser jamming, but it is a growing threat. The way I see is that I'd rather lay out 500$+ and then notice that I got a save from it one day rather than getting pulled one day for it and going "ok.. now the shiz has hit the fan." Like numerous people have said, the cost of the ticket and insurance premiums make the investment seem like nothing. Besides, your money is going into technology instead of some municipal fund that who or what knows where that goes to.



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