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    Default Some Laser Jammer Questions

    Whats better.. radar detector or radar laser jammers?
    or both..

    how does the laser jammer work

    which one is more affordable

    Im looking to get either a radar detector or jammer..trying to get an affordable set up, any suggestions?

    any good sites other then ebay?

    any good brand/model of a radar detector or jammer that works good?


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    Default Re: Some Laser Jammer Questions

    Five minutes reading the forum would answer all of those questions. Search is your friend.

    Start here: Radar Detector FAQ - Guys of LIDAR

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    Default Re: Some Laser Jammer Questions

    Same question as you posted in the other forum, same answer: neither. Is an apple better than an orange? Is a tire better than a window?

    Read up. All the answers you're looking for are already out there. You'll have some better questions once you've covered the basics.



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