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    Default LI, Blinder & Extreme WX effects

    Sorry if this has been addressed before but it may help me make a better purchasing decision between these two jammers. I live in South Dakota where the weather here gets rather extreme and I was wondering about how much the elements on both ends of the spectrum will affect both. How cold (or hot) is too much on these units? I'm aware of the Blinder heads being epoxied for an air tight seal but what about the LI? I will be storing my vehicle for the winter in my largely unheated garage with some portable heat now and then during the really cold periods. Thanks everyone,

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    Default Re: LI, Blinder & Extreme WX effects

    Current LI sensors are weather resistant. I'm seen videos on youtube showing the LI's operating underwater.

    Doesnt it snow in Croatia? Sure it does!

    I'm sure that the LIDAR guns are also effected by weather reducing it's range.


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    Default Re: LI, Blinder & Extreme WX effects

    I really do not think you'll have a problam with either unit which ever you choose.

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    Default Re: LI, Blinder & Extreme WX effects

    Thanks Micah and Gadge, I figured as much but just needed to be sure...

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    Default Re: LI, Blinder & Extreme WX effects

    This kind of goes hand in hand w/ this question...

    What kind of warranty does LI offer & the terms on that warrenty?

    We offer a limited 2 years warranty valid from date of first purchase from LI-USA
    Installation and reinstallation fees, shipping costs, incorrect installation, opened units, units repaired from third party and any kind of direct or indirect damaged caused in use misuse or mounting of Laser Interceptor are NOT covered with any Warranty.
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