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this labor day weekend, i'll be taking a trip with my girlfriend and friends from chicago to atlanta. this puts me through some states with laser heavily in use.

illinois - ka, k, vascar, laser, x
indiana - k, x, pop, ka
kentucky - laser, ka, k, x
tennessee - laser, ka
georgia - laser, k, x, ka, vascar

sure enough, i know i won't be able to receive a jammer in time anyway. but it got me thinking, has there ever been a prototype for a dashmount jammer, much like many of the radar detectors out there/ i know that the best place is near the headlights and front plate, but in terms for portability, that's not feasible. neither is veil. :roll:

i have a bel 925. sure it's cheap, but for my daily commute in the city and a few treks out, it's good for the price that i got it at. i have never heard of any user experiences with the 925 and laser also.

also to note, i probably won't be driving the majority of the time. taking someone else's car, which is why i brought up this question., i won't be putting veil or lasershield someone's car i dont own.
..unless they pay for the can. ops: