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    Default A message to the Radar Detector/Jammers industry

    The blinder problem with the stealth mode should be a lesson for the entire Radar detector/Jammer industry. Stop trying to generate additional income by changing the firmware in your products every month. Start using consumer upgradeable flash memory. The computer motherboard market did this 15 years ago. I donít understand it. Flash thumb drives for computers cost less than $40. They have a flash chip and a USB interface. That is what all manufacturers should be doing. Producing equipment with USB interfaces. If something happens, like as the blinder incident, we only have to go to your web site and download the latest version. I my opinion this can be done and manufacturers can do it relatively cheaply. I donít think this would add more than $100 to the product.

    More that apologies or explanation we should be demanding these changes. Nobody wants to buy a detector or jammer and learn the next month that a new revision/version exist and the only way to upgrade is by shipping it to the manufacturer.

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    The only problem with this is that I believe the Blinder problem is a hardware problem..........not software. With detectors it usually means an adjustment of receiving antennas etc. It is, unfortunately, usually NOT a software issue. Programming features and such would be a software thing......but not the actual reception of different bands and sensitivity.



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