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    Default Question about targetting and jamming

    In the GoL and other testing, if you aim the LIDAR at the headlight and get a reading at a distance where you would not get one with a shot at the plate, why is this? I can see two obvious reasons: 1) the jammer did not detect the LIDAR and did not try to jam, 2) the LIDAR is very selective about what return light it receives, only taking light from a small area and so does not see the jamming light.

    If, as I would guess, the answer is mainly #1, why don't jammers come with multiple small sensors and only 1 or 2 emitters? Wouldn't this be cheaper and more effective?

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    I believe the answer is your #2. The LIDAR gun has a narrow field of view. Of course, this is more of an issue for jamming at close range than further back, but then that's when punch-throughs usually occur.
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