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    Default Houston Area Laser Interceptor/SR7 Installer

    Does anyone have any experience with or recommendations for Houston-area installers to have a professional installation of an SR7 and a Laser Interceptor done on a C5 Z06 Corvette?

    I don't want anyone doing a crappy job on my baby.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Also, does anyone have any suggestions on where to place the LI heads in the front?
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    Default Re: Houston Area Laser Interceptor/SR7 Installer

    talk to erickonphoenix because he had a vette with the sr7..and post a pic of the front of ur car on here

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    Default Re: Houston Area Laser Interceptor/SR7 Installer

    I installed the SR7/ZR3 myself. However, any CarToys can do it for you.

    Note: Make sure the jammer heads are installed level with the road and clear of the front bumper. They cannot have even a slight amount of overhang. Bring a level after the install and double check they are flat.

    It is ok for them to "toe out" the jammers up to 10 degrees. There are even some people who think they work better that way.

    Also, be sure they tap into one of the switchable circuits. I'm not sure if the C5 has the same issues as the C6 but here's how I wired mine.

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