As there seems to be 2134458969 threads on placing jammers on the front of a car, I thought it might be time to post some general guidelines and save folks a little time to get these installed.

1) LIDAR guns use IR reflectivity to get a reading, the most reflective points are the headlight and front plates. This is the if in doubt aim point, and where the IR light will need to be "jammed" in simplest of terms.

2) Your jammer head needs to be able to "see" the road clearly (to both detect and return a signal to the gun), anything blocking it will reduce if not eliminate the jammer's ability to preform. And LIDAR shots are not just in laboratory testing so account for changes in elevation and don't block the top or bottom of the jammer.

3) Excessive heat reduces performance and can ruin the jammer head, take this into account when planning your install.

4) may sure the jammers are mounted level, you can use 3M padded double sided tape to help achieve this on many installs.

I'm sure some of the other users that actually have jammers will be able to correct/add to the list of general guidelines and rules of thumb, to help make the jammer install a little easier.