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    Default Do cops suspect when you jam them?

    I tried searching, but didn't find a answer...I was wondering if the LEO's are told that laser jammers are legal while they are trained to use/operate the laser guns..?.. That's the main reason why I haven't got a jammer yet...So, what if I jam a LEOS gun, wouldn't he get pissed and pull me over, wondering why he couldn't get my speed?

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    From the interviews I have watched here on this site it appears that some LEO's are unaware of laser jammers, and others seem to have the impression that they don't work.

    We sure want them to have these impressions. When you get an alarm on your jammer immdiately slow to speed and turn off the jammer. It shouldn't take more than 3-4 seconds to get slowed. We want LEO's to get a speed. If jammer owners keep driving past LEO's for the JTG experience it won't take long before all LEO's will know about laser jammers and there will be legislation making laser jammers illegal everywhere. Many states are working on legislation now, and my own state is one of the latest to make them illegal. The lower the profile we are the longer we will enjoy our jammers legally.


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    Soon as you get to a legal speed shut off the jammer

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