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    Default Porsche 997C4S install

    Laser Interceptor Quad install on 2006 Porsche 997C4S

    Well the install is finally done. A good buddy of mine and I spent a few days on the installation and the pictures below show the results. First a disclaimer. I decided to run 3 heads up front and 1 in the rear. Since the far majority of the encounters I have had with laser have been head shots I wanted full and probable overkill coverage in that area. I realize I am probably sacrificing coverage in the rear to do this however. (Stealth Stalker has volunteered to help test the setup and hopefully that will take place in the next couple of weeks. That will give us some good date points as to what protection I do or do not have in the rear.)
    Anyway, here is what we did. We first put the car on my lift and then took off the front and rear bumpers, ran the cabling and installed the heads. They all are even with the front bumper or rear in that case and not recessed. The heads are level and pointed straight ahead. Power was taken from a switched power hub located under the driver side dashboard. The On/Off switch is located just below the parking brake handle. (It is the forward button. The rear button is a power switch for the sports exhaust.) We wanted this location for its stealthyness as well as easy access. (I can easily reach this location by hand reference of the parking brake and do not have to look down for it.) We also used an Escort external speaker, (Located behind the PCM pointed towards foot pedal area) with the volume control mounted on the side a few inches above where my right knee is when driving. (Also easily reachable but unseen unless you stick your head in the floorboard area.)

    I’ll report back when I get some performance validation following the testing.


    PS- Thanks Cliff, USA Laser Interceptor distributor, for all your assistance and great customer support!

    Last edited by WaltBurkett; 05-21-2009 at 06:46 PM. Reason: Added lic plate black cover to help mask black LI unit

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    Default Re: Porsche 997C4S install

    Nice install, now get it tested!
    It should JTG , overkill for the front end

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    Default Re: Porsche 997C4S install

    very nice install rear head is the on I would only be worried about maaybe some veil on the plate and rear taillights and you might get good results

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    Default Re: Porsche 997C4S install

    Front looks awesome. The back might perform okay actually... has anyone ever tested one LI head on the rear?

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    Default Re: Porsche 997C4S install

    Very impressive install, it's nice to see that some folks take the time to do it right.

    Excellent choice with the V1 concealed. By the way, you should make a kill switch for that as well.

    Time for testing now!

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    Default Re: Porsche 997C4S install

    awesome install

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    Default Re: Porsche 997C4S install

    Nice install. I would get a black frame for the rear plate to hide the jammer a little bit.

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    Default Re: Porsche 997C4S install

    Would have put 2 heads in the back as your front would be fine with just two heads but with onlt one rear head its very iffy

    Spoiler: show

    Radar Detectors-V1 & BEL v995
    Laser Jammer-Laser Interceptor Quad
    GPS Camera Locator-Cheetah C100
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    Default Re: Porsche 997C4S install

    Quote Originally Posted by REBinc View Post
    Nice install. I would get a black frame for the rear plate to hide the jammer a little bit.
    I'd just call it a back up camera if cops ever gave me problems. Thats exactly what the single head looks like at first glance.

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    Default Re: Porsche 997C4S install

    Very nice install, the 3 heads in the front is for sure overkill but you can't have too much protection I suppose.

    I like it =)



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