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    Default Jammer advice for Miata

    Which jammer where?

    Hello fellow leadfoots.

    Been lurking here since July and VERY appreciative of all the info shared.

    So, been saving my dollas & have been in contact with Roy(hes daman!) and am about to invest in a jamjam(s).

    Before I do tho, I'd really appreciate any thoughts you have on:

    1) which jammer
    2) placement of said jammer heads/diodes/thingamijiggys

    Personally, I am leaning towards the Zr3 for some reasons mentioned below but again, I would REALLY love to read some debate over my choice.

    Hey, Im no GoL. Im just a simple brat eater trying my best to dodge the cops and cows on my drive to work and back.

    A lil info to kick around:

    You have been invited to visit a photo album:

    The read only password to view this album is: fast

    Pics show 2004 Miata & 1999 Isuzu Trooper. Side note; many shots of Veil before, during & after headlight application. Kinda interesting how it is effected in app & removal by the diff lights on each ticket taker.

    I have a X50, latest version.

    the Po Po here have a Traffic Safety Enforcement Team and they use the Ultralyte(sp?) 20/20 LR and the reg city leo's use the Ultralyte 20/20.

    Is there a new Ultralyte coming out? Any hints of jammability?

    Cockpit of the Miata is SMALL. Less bulky the add on the better. Zr3 display is small? Synthesize with the X50?

    Drive the 99 Trooper during winter & summer, Miata only April-Nov.

    Is there a jammer that can be easily switched back and forth? Or need I, as I fear, snag two jammers? One for each vehicle?


    Thanks all !!

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    the only jammer that can be easily switched back and forth is the yet to be released AntiLaser...but i don't recommend switching back and forth

    Spoiler: show

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    With any jammer couldnt you install the heads permanently and switch the processor back and forth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spankyaf
    With any jammer couldnt you install the heads permanently and switch the processor back and forth?
    You could, but at that point you might as well just buy 2 jammers and install them permanently.
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    Thanks all, for the thoughts so far.

    I hope more of ya throw down in the mix too.

    Not sure if my photo link was clear/worked for you but if you go there they should be there now. Scroll thru far enough and there are some hot hottie pics for your veiwing pleasure as a small gesture of thanks.

    pass word: fast

    LocoVolVo, why do you NOT recommend switching back and forth?

    And as far as the waiting game, fna man, no chit, Im drooling over the up and comers but, im driving NOW. The po po lasers arent waiting on the roll out of the next generation. Dammit.

    Of the current jammers out there, is there one that works AND any yahoo can install at home? Or are they all professionals required?

    I'd still really appreciate hearing a dicsussion on the placement of the jammers on each vehicle if ya all have any thoughts about that.

    Hopefully my photobucket link is working for ya now.

    Again, many thanks hombres.



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