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    Default Michigan installers?/Rear placement

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking to get the LI here pretty soon and am wondering if anyone knows a good installer in lower Michigan. The Traverse City area would be convenient but I'd be able to head downstate as well.

    I'm also trying to decide what to do about the rear of the vehicle (07 accord coupe--I've tried to include photos. Hope it works). I think it might be wise to get it covered as often I drive through the Dakotas and I've been targeted from the rear before (they seem to be getting more enthusiastic about lidar further outside the Fargo area). I've started glancing right after going under overpasses. I've seen the pics of Cliff's placement and am thinking about that, but I think that might make it tricky to get the car washed at many automatic washes. Any other options/ideas people can think of other than just a single head on a black license plate frame? Below the bumper seems too low to do any good at all.

    For the front placement I'm considering either side of the "H": level, directed exactly front and slightly protruding.

    I also drive through Minnesota where I've heard laser jammers are illegal. Assuming I want to be a good boy (though this is by no means a given) are the heads easy to remove when traveling through such areas? If so, that might erase my concerns about the car washes. Having read many of the posts on this site over the last year, I am firmly convinced of the truth of the saying, "Stealth the car, not the install."

    Thanks a lot! You guys are great.
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