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    Default Which set up woul du pick

    should i do a blinder m45 xtreme or a dual head LI system? i guess if i did the LI i could always add the 2 other heads. so keep that in mind although i wouldnt do that right away

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    Default Re: Which set up woul du pick

    I vote dual LI.

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    Default Re: Which set up woul du pick

    If you want to wait a month and see how the upcoming new Blinder model performs, you may well have another option. But until then, I agree with djrams80. It's really no contest. Especially on your car.

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    Default Re: Which set up woul du pick

    335kid, you've asked for help on selecting a jammer back in Jan 09, and Aug 08 when you joined. The answer is still the same as it was those last two times. LI is the king. A dual head unit on the front of your car is all you need. You could wait to see how well the new Blinder performs and pick up a Blinder m27 for the front. <-- "Ticket saving performance" by itself. Coupled with passive countermeasures, it'd be a really difficult setup for any laser threat.
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