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    Default Does a Laser Jammer have to be aimed at the Laser Gun?

    I understand that a Laser Gun emits a narrow beam of infrared light that is only 18" wide at 1,000 feet and that the beam of light can, and must, be aimed directly at a suspected speeder in order to return a valid indication of speed. I also understand that Laser Jammers such as the M-20 or M-40 emit an even more powerful beam of light that simply overpowers the Laser Gun, resulting in a reading of zero mph, just as though the Laser Gun had been misaimed.

    My question is: What is the size and/or shape of the beam of infrared light from the M-20 or M-40 Laser Jammer? In other words, does the Laser Jammer have to be aimed directly at the Laser Gun?

    Will the Laser Jammer, which presumably is fixed in place on the vehicle in question, only jam the laser for about 18 inches as I travel down the road? I would hope that I could travel for a 1/4 mile or more and depend on the fixed position Laser Gun unit on the side of the road staying "jammed" long enough for me to take proper defensive action. If that's not the case, a jammer wouldn't seem to be any more valuable to me than the laser detector built into my radar dectector. That is, no use at all. As you say "When you're shot, you're got."

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    Default Blinder

    Each jammer head on the Blinder has 8 LED lights and with two units on the front, you have 16 LEDs activated. Think of it as a floodlight. The Blinder would need to be pointed level, in the proximity of the laser gun
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