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    Default ? about Overpass Laser Shots

    Is a laser shot from a overpass significantly harder to jam, than if they are sitting in the median or standing on the side of the road.

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    Default Re: ? about Overpass Laser Shots

    Too many variables for a yes or no answer. It is mostly dependent upon your installation. Overpass shots *can* be more difficult at shorter distances because of the extreme angle. However, most overpass shots are at 1000 feet or better, where it is less of a factor. I would say they are less problematic than off-axis shots are.

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    Default Re: ? about Overpass Laser Shots

    I got smoked by what I think is the mutha of all laser shots, a point blank, rear, overpass shot. The ZR3s I were running at the time got predictably crushed!

    I say a normal overpass shot at the front of a car is no big deal, but a rear overpass shot is extremely hard to defend against.

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    Default Re: ? about Overpass Laser Shots

    Someone should test it.

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    Default Re: ? about Overpass Laser Shots

    ^ One of the earlier CFL event made good honest attempts to test this scenario, as well as the "brake dive from highway speeds" scenario. Some of the runs were documented in video format by, IIRC, either ELVATO or Cbr.

    Both proved to be non-concerns, based on good jammer placement (i.e. true-JTG/effective-JTG), as Stealth Stalker and djrams80 mentioned.

    The infamous Noory's initial LPP setup, with one head directly under his front license plate, was defeated in precisely the manner that dj's rear ZR3 was "crushed."

    In this instance, which Noory then logged extensively on the LPP Support Forums, he'd been caught out with his vehicle entering a slight depression in the roadway, which lent to his setup a nose-down attitude that was an increasingly threatening performance handicap, due to his already low head placement, with the enforcer engaging at short distance (less than 500 ft. - more like 300 ft., IIRC) from directly overhead.
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    Default Re: ? about Overpass Laser Shots

    My first save was an overpass shot. However, the road was on an upslope toward the over pass and that may have contributed to my successful jam.



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