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    hey, i was wondering how the laser pro park laser jammer (dual head) stacks up against the blinder m-25 and the LI. I cant find too much information about this jammer and im wondering if anyone may have some results handy. Thanks

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    Not bad at all. Not quite as good as the LI, but better than the M25 Blinder.

    Radar Detector Tests and Reviews by Guys of LIDAR - LASER

    The problems with the LPP are first, that it costs more than the LI for less performance. Second, it hasn't been definitively enabled against the TruSpeed. And third, customer support is an ongoing issue.

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    LPP performs much better than a Blinder M25 BUT their quality leaves a lot to be desired. The LI is on a league of its own in terms of performance and features, but they had problems with their quality in the past. Cliff has done wonders for LI when it comes to customer service. He is INSANE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by happya$$ View Post
    Cliff has done wonders for LI when it comes to customer service. He is INSANE.
    I'm still in the process of finalizing my laser jammer plans and had ruled out LI because of reading several negative posts concering LI's customer service.

    I'll say the members of this board told me there had been sweeping changes in LI's customer service since Cliff came on board and I have to agree with what happy and some others are saying. Cliff has responded to every single email of my within 30 minutes and answered in detail so many of my questions over so many emails. I feel very comfortable working with him. In fact, he once responded to me withing minutes of receiving my email...only to let me know he was on the road and would be getting back to me shortly.

    Just wanted to give some more experience with Cliff in the event it helps you with your purchase.

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    Until (1) LPP can demonstrate that their "TruSpeed fix" is indeed valid for the North-American variant of the TruSpeed -and- (2) trusted independent hobbyists have cross-verified this via their own individual testing, I remain unable to recommend, at all, the LPP, to anyone in North America.

    We've seen conflicting information regarding the supposed "TruSpeed fix" hardware coming from both simply within the LPP-USA entity as well as between the LPP-USA entity and LPP-Canada (REF: and, plus given the lack of product availability (i.e. supply-chain problems) seen of LPP-Canada (REF: Radar Detectors & Laser Pro Park Support Forum - • View topic - [Video] LTI TruSpeed vs. Laser Pro Park v8.3 fw10.5 BETA) - none of this adds any more confidence, particularly as promises of "it's coming in two weeks" keeps being pushed going on over a year.

    In all honesty, what I would recommend, if you must have something -NOW-, I'd go with the Laser Interceptor.

    Alternatively, the Blinder Mx5 J16 or J17 revision or even the Escort ZR4.

    If you can wait, I'd say to sit tight and see what the Blinder Mx7 has to offer, as well as look out for the AL G9.1 , too, and to await independent hobbyist testing of these devices.



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