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    Default Re: Colorado - Laser jammer illegal usage?

    Quote Originally Posted by DrCoke View Post
    Anyone purposely JTG deserves the ticket. Anyone here would agree.
    I agree never JTG even in states that do not have laws against Laser Jammers. It was idiots who repeatedly taunted LEO's in Texas by circling back to JTG that caused them to lobby the Texas Legislature to pass a law to ban them.

    I run ALP's and have to travel through Tennessee which has a law against Laser Jammers. I always have a USB stick that is set to parking only - No detect - No Jam if I was ever pulled over. On my black Escape the heads look like OEM equipment and I have one of the BLISS / Parking Assist versions. May work or not, but at least it would make it harder to confiscate my equipment at the roadside. Trust me If I had to go to court I'd drive a rental car as my equip is legal in KY. I know I still risk a smart LEO finding them but even the cost of ALP's has paid for themselves in saved tickets so for me my risk assessment is a non moving violation and I have to buy some new ALP's. No insurance hikes & no points.

    When I lived in NY i'd run my RD in VA and just didn't drive crazy enough to attract attention as they do confiscate those there. The key is don't attract attention. If you drive a Exotic car and JTG and drive recklessly you are going to get your vehicle impounded to remove your equipment before you can leave the state.

    AND... For all of those who have said or who will say "just don't speed", my answer is when speed limits are set for engineering reasons and not political revenue generating reasons - and - LEO's drive the same speed they enforce on us then I say please go pound some sand. I love my family and don't drive recklessly or dangerously as I want to make it home to see them every day. LEO's consistently drive over the limit at work and off duty but "it is safe for them" and not me - baloney

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    Default Re: Colorado - Laser jammer illegal usage?


    If the municipalities actually used the guidelines codified by our very own Govt (ie; the 85th percentile rule), the whole notion of speeding would largely evaporate overnight.

    The amount of misinformation that is promulgated by those of power is staggering.

    I once had a discussion with an officer who ticketed me for speeding and I told him that the speed limit on the highway was 10mph-15mph too low (this was in the wake of the extended national 55mph BS). His response to me was, "well if you raise the limit by 10 or 15 more, people will speed that much more."

    Sounds plausible to the ignorant I suppose, but the opposite has actually been proven to be true. When speed limits are raised to their more appropriate levels, conformity to speed vastly increases and the safe conditions of driving are improved as a consequence.

    But, the multi-billion dollar traffic enforcement industry, doesn't want anything to do with facts. It's not good to their bottom line and that includes the damned politicians who are often in-bed with the industry and the wannabee PhDs who write BS pieces for their cause. Janet Napolitano is one of their (RR/ATS) poster children as is the University of Arizona.

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