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    Default New York State Police Lasers and Active Counter Measures

    I was on I-890W this AM. Heading into Schenectady, NY I came out from under a bridge, a taxi in front of me, at what must have been the outer limit of laser range, and both the V-1 and the laser shifter went off. The V-1is mounted behind my rear view mirror. The shifter is in the upper grill (top of the bumper) of my 2002 Subaru Imprezza. Both constantly alerted until I was within @ 50-100 feet of the NY Trooper.

    I am not sure if there was bounce off the taxi @ 100 yards in front of me or if he was aiming at my hood. It is probably 36 inches between the bumper and the rear view mirror. I have searched and can not find what equipment NYSP is using for laser. Can you tell me?

    I think this trooper knows and hunts me. He is in a B4C Camaro (the speed enforcement pursuit cars. They are prize vehicles and speed enforcement is a quality of life way to enforce the anti drug campaigns in the city) When I see this car, he lights me up and holds it. I wonder if he is doing research on the jammer. I have also searched this, to no avail. What does the various laser devices show when exposed to the Escort shifter? (It is possible that I have not understood what I read on this account.)

    Needless to say I am seriously considering another active counter measure. What does the blinder and the other active devices show on the various lasers in use, in NY and other states?

    Thanks for your help and info and posts.

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    I know they use a lot of LTI Ultralytes.

    I would seriously turn off your active countermeasures after you have slowed down to a legal speed. This way you avoid garnering undue attention!!

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    I though ZR 3 was supposed to only trigger for 5 seconds automatically. Is it possible the Trooper was rapidy firing to keep the thing going?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karaya Eins
    I though ZR 3 was supposed to only trigger for 5 seconds automatically. Is it possible the Trooper was rapidy firing to keep the thing going?
    No the Escort Zr3 will continue to jam until you stop it

    after you are down to the legal speed limit turn off your laser jammer and let the cop get a speed reading on you at a legal speed that way is doesn't get attention...

    You might want to try VEIL and a LaserSheild fo extra protection

    For the future when you are at a legal speed shut off the jammer

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