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    Default UK/Eire: where to place your heads

    Found this on another forum and the picture shows *WHY* your should place your heads north of the plate on this side of the pond.

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    Default Re: UK/Eire: where to place your heads

    Yikes! That's a valuable lesson right there. It's not uncommon to see laser being shot across the center divider on Texas highways. That leaves you just as vulnerable as coming over a hill with low heads.

    I'll say it again: Low mounted heads = FAIL

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    Default Re: UK/Eire: where to place your heads

    Unfortunately, my LPP front heads are mounted low under either end of the plate on a car with a front end like this...

    ..which is not very easy to mount jammers on anywhere else unless you do some irreparable damage to the front bumper . Mounting them in the grill would probably leave the fogs vulnerable and would be very tricky because of its honeycomb structure also.

    I still get very good coverage from them down there (except possibly close up H/L shots) so I am not too concerned. Any laser I have seen in Eire has been hand-held or on a tripod and none of it was over central barriers like on that pic. The LEOs here seem to shoot you at big distances (before you can see them, possibly in the bushes or under an overpass ) so no probs there .

    All our camera vans are radar based Multanova C or GATSO so the V1 should deal with them.

    Good find though Nomad, thanks .



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