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    Default Another idea: sliding mount

    Basically the point of this mount is to be able to slide it into your grill completley so none of the head is showing. The "rail" it is on is like the "rail" on a drawer and can be locked into place. Is there something like this or any ideas on how to make one because this will solve all my mounting problems.

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    Default Re: Another idea: sliding mount

    You mean like this.
    [ame=]YouTube - Blinder laser jammer with A-bond stealth install[/ame]

    Sorry but to mount the jammers properly you'll need to do alot of modification so they are placed too far back..

    I don't mean to crush your dream and all but you'll find out that once you get a jammer you'll realize just how well the jammer heads blend in with the car and nobody ever notices them. If your in an area where jammers are illegal all jammers come with an on and off switch for a reason

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