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    Default How reflective are bug shields?

    I'm thinking about LI or M47 on my Forester (green) and have a very nice - and very shiny - plastic bug shield on the front hood. It's a fairly typical profile, about 5-3/4" high, starting right above the headlights. Most of the surface is slanted slightly backward. Is this a potential reflection point for laser, and will I need to remove or modify it (Veil, tape, whatever)?

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    Default Re: How reflective are bug shields?

    Do you mean one of those clear plastic thingers? If so, it's what is behind it that you have to worry about more than the transparent shield itself. Although I'd black out any metallic trim or mounting hardware for it.

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    Default Re: How reflective are bug shields?

    The LI or M47 should have no problems protecting your bug shield along with the ret of your vehicle as long as you position the jammer heads optimally. What vehicle do you drive?

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    Default Re: How reflective are bug shields?

    As mentioned above, your jammer is probably sufficient to protect you even if the bug shield hurts you. With that said, I assume it's one of the black plastic bug shields? If that's the case, veil on it wouldn't change it's aesthetic appearance much so it couldn't hurt to apply it to the shield. I would get your setup tested before and after just to see if veil would even be necessary.

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    Default Re: How reflective are bug shields?

    +1 to the others' statements, my fellow Scooby owner.

    Get a good enough jammer setup, and put those worries behind you.


    My wife's '09 Forester XT.

    Spark Silver Metallic.

    No VEIL.

    State-issue metallic front plate (albeit covered with LaserShield, again not dressed with VEIL).

    That's about as ugly of a front LIDAR profile as there can be.

    LI dual (standard; you can see the heads if you looked closely, in the outermost vents in the open radiator grill row just above the front plate mounting points) takes care of the job.

    Trust me on this one.

    I was dead-to-rights, executing an otherwise fully safe passing maneuver (from the left, with proper signaling and gaps as well as at a reasonable and courteous speed differential) on slower traffic just four weekends ago, on I-80, eastbound, in Ohio, when I was tagged by the OSHP, with their LTI, at approx. 1/4 mile distance, at a speed at which I should've been at least interviewed, if not cited.

    I completed the pass (signaling, too), put the car in SportShift, let off the gas and downshifted (cool thing about the '09s 4EAT is that you can call for two downshifts, but it'll only give you the lower gear once engine speed has dropped within safe range), and cut-off the jammer when I reached about 5-over.

    I don't like to post "saves," simply because it's my core belief that there's no telling why you might've been let go. Heck, in my situation above, it could just be that that particular enforcer had an even higher enforcement limit than what I'd been traveling, at the time I encountered him. Who knows.

    But I thought that you could, as a fellow Subaru owner, at least use the encouragement/reassurance.

    Everyone will tell you that a silver SUV with a good chrome grill and large lighting elements is just a plain nightmare to protect.

    With a good jammer, don't even look back.
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